Amazing Frog? Preview beta

Physics simulator that allows you to jump between obstacles as a frog, very fun in multiplayer

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Amazing Frog? is a hardcore parkour game that utilizes sandbox physics and emphasizes open-ended multiplayer action.

For a brilliant free-range romp in an expansive open world, is there any title better than Amazing Frog?? This quirky 3D exploration enables plenty of comedic amusement alongside competitive local contests. It's a fascinating title that was developed and published by Fayju in 2014 to capitalize on the infamous parkour sensation that took over YouTube.

The strange setting for this oddity of a game is Swindon, SwindonShire. As the title of this release suggests, this bizarre fictional town is filled with amazing frogs doing amazing things. Yes, Amazing Frog? accommodates up to four players at a time, and the massive sandbox provides 20km of landscape for players who make it over “The Wall.”

The physics of Amazing Frog? resemble Grand Theft Auto, but the animated characters are far more surreal. This absurdist arena delves into intentionally perplexing realms of avant-garde abstraction. The cartoonish imagery is uniquely engaging and delightfully disturbing. Meanwhile, the controls are intuitive for gamers who are even remotely familiar with the concept of sandbox physics, so anyone can play right away.

Activities in this comprehensive game include racing plenty of original vehicles, creating individualized challenges and taking a trip to the moon. The rag-doll game mechanics are powered by the unusual source of frog flatulence, which is also the root of this game's humor. Ultimately, farting is the primary superpower that is used to enact change and finish objectives. High quality sound effects and music surely enhance the experience!

While there is a lot of high-octane gameplay, this download also contains plenty of casual side-quests and mini-games. There are tons of non-playable characters to engage, and chess is featured as a relaxing distraction from the action. Basketball and football can also be found by interacting with the right frogs. Players can unlock new cars and guns by exploring and destroying the attractions of Swindon.

This is the kind of title that would definitely benefit from online play; unfortunately, only local split-screen is currently supported. There is so much potential in the multiplayer elements of this game, and they have yet to be fully actualized. Still, the in-person events are raucous and exciting, especially when it comes to vehicular mayhem.

Overall, Amazing Frog? provides an interactive escape from the craziness of reality by somehow conjuring a world that is downright demented by comparison. This existential dimension grants countless hours of amphibious insanity. It's unhinged and unreal, but the fans wouldn't want it any other way!


  • Massive in-game universe with endless missions and objectives to unlock
  • Accessible controls, streamlined graphics, and excellent sound quality
  • Tons of replay value with unlimited possibilities


  • The lack of online play is disappointing for a game of this caliber
  • Juvenile humor might get old for some audiences
  • Off-kilter indie title may lack mainstream appeal

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